Example 1 - superconductivity

A practical example of application the concept of symbiotic organisms and principles covered in the essay 'the hard problem of society' for high level design of potential framework to solve the question of superconductivity:

If you wish to achieve superconductivity in any material, you must comprehend the current consensus model of their society, including all agents, of all nested and interconnected societies, communication protocols, needs, wants, wills and cans; construct a new model that unequivocally favors electrons using available resources, and introduce attractors with this model into the material, thereby triggering a phase transition.

Creating a new consensus model that unequivocally favors the formation of Cooper pairs within the material, leading to superconductivity, manipulating inter-electron interactions, altering their energy landscape, or introducing external attractors to induce the desired phase transition could be potential ideas to explore. Critical factors and specific interventions identification are the key. Dopants, engineered nanostructures, modified magnetic fields, or specific laser excitations to be explored for attractor introduction.

I would like to thank Bard, a large language model from Google AI, for their invaluable feedback and support in the development of this essay.

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