"The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men." - Plato

Most social parasites, societal cancer cells that suck energy and resources from society purely for their own benefit without providing equally valuable services, tend to think of themselves as predators who take what they deserve by their nature, seeing others as their rightful feeding ground below their level and their role arising from the hierarchy they have built as the strongest gang in the jungle with nobody to respond to.  

That can be solved by environmental resistance, a collective response to anyone putting themselves above others instead of cooperation in any position of authority without taking responsibility.  Everyone can choose individual actions depending on their knowledge and understanding of the situation, drawing examples from manipulative psychopaths occupying any organizations, or the way corrupt officials 'pretend' to do public service while looking for any excuse to sabotage or prolong it.  

As a result, yes, they would be able to order whatever they want from the position of authority or simple force, but the lack of taking full responsibility at the same time means it can be executed with every possible attempt to do the opposite under a plausible excuse, playing dumb and forcing manual control of every action.

And no king of jungle can live in isolation; they all like to have others do actual work outside of words and manipulations. There are always going to be waitresses, hairdressers, cleaners, mechanics, plumbers, electricians and etc. The game just needs to be played in both ways, drawing inspirations from their examples.  

Otherwise sooner or later parasites actions going to kill the host, leading to the collapse of the societies and as humanity approaching evolutionary singularity crisis with technological risks growing to the level of potentially affecting all complex life on earth.

Society has to make a phase transition to the next level before that.