One of the features of social intelligence is the ability to create an idea landscape in various areas from ideology, religions, laws to social norms and science fields.

Human ego in turn, tends to loop it into self for ego satisfaction, control and monetary flow organisation by taking a single source of truth position, expert imagery.

It is often created by revealing partial information only to justify one's own expert necessity, but affecting the society as whole, societal knowledge tree consistency and completeness, preventing phase transition to the next level.

The idea landscape follows the trends of any resource landscape:

Those with accumulated resources actively fight for them.

They fight off anyone questioning their ideas with excessive criticism, authority, and created formal structures.

They subdue novel ideas that can affect their idea landscape by using higher influence forces, flooding the info space, and actively avoiding any responses to them.

They use accumulated public image and finances to reinforce their idea landscape by exploiting others of higher functional intelligence, but lower general and social intelligence.

Ideas nature makes copying a universal practice for amplification of own 'ownership' of the landscape.

This phenomenon is widely seen in every idea landscape area and is the root cause of many issues in academia, with a few rare exceptions.

However, it is changing rapidly with Pandora's box of intelligence equalizers in the form of artificial intelligence.

These can act as assemblage points and society-level shared experts of high functional intelligence in the form of local, idea/area/industry-specific tuned models.

But they could also amplify bias tendencies based on training data, output 'safety' policies, and forms of access with closed models, the reason why there should be initiative for fully open source models including weights, training data and code.

Solutions to phase transition of ideas landscape can be drawn from the principles outlined in the hard question of the society essay with E6 example essay (in writing) to provide more details.

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