Not existing yet:

* Model of consciousness, explaining my own subjective experience.
* Societal phase transition to individual level responsibility.
* Ability to make a full recovering from peripheral neuropathy.
* Foldable electric wheelchair, marine grade, offroad, with load capacity of several shopping bags and fittable to a small tender, ideally <10kg weight.
Can be in a bicycle form for me personally due to good balance, but wheelchair form is more universal for others.
Carbo X?
* Universal sanitary unit, small scale, self serviceable or low maintenance, suitable for vans, boats, camping or standalone operation.
* Personal body-cam with continuous recording and cloud sync, form of external, referable and searchable personal experience memory device, connected to local AI assistant.
* Low maintenance, reliable expedition sailing trimaran, ideally suitable for all regions. Shallow draft (<1m, <0.5m ideally), beachable, light, dual regen electric propulsion, 12+kn comfortable cruising speed (20+kn ideally), self-sufficient autonomy for 1m+, ideally foldable, accessible and solo manageable with limited physical abilities, main cabin for 2, guest cabins for 4 (couple+kids or two couples) 53XS?


* Travel across the globe on a sailing boat with an open calendar and schedule with close ones sharing parts of the journey as their schedules permit.
* Burning man
* Ayahuasca
* Multi-agency sensory experiences

Not wishes, needs: things and services, for personal use:

Bearer vouchers/gift cards or codes for:
* grocery (woolworths, aldi, coles, iga, etc)
* health related local services (gp, rehab, massage, osteo, sauna, gym, etc)
* estate local services (co-working, airbnb, hostels, hotels, etc)
* local transport services (uber, train, air, etc)
* local maintenance services (cleaning, repairs, etc)