So far, all UFO-related information seems to be no different from any other disinformation within the noosphere, widely infiltrated by state actors.

It is likely Cold War-era infowar evolved to a new religious status, on par with many modern science areas, religions, and laws.

Kind of Stasi psy warfare, but on a state level, to manipulate the image of available knowledge and technology within other states and going crazy due to the number of actors and global reach of the internet.

It is multiplied by manipulation and knowledge distortion efforts on the individual levels in many other areas, where some claim to have secret knowledge, which they are happy to share in exchange for something more material than an idea.

Mix it with marketing propaganda from corporations and various closely knit interest groups, and you get an idea of an explosive mix.

All of these intentional lies and manipulations on all levels result in collective societal-level hallucination, collective consciousness insanity, generating noise without meaning, and a huge waste of resources on 'security.'

Considering the ability to cooperate and share as the level of consciousness:

Even if there were limited contacts with some of the governments sharing limited advanced technologies intentionally or unintentionally (rogue contacts or incidents), they would conclude that our organizational structures in the form of countries led by governments and even civilizations, as some modern leaders like to think of the most expanded ones, are not conscious.

Meaning, once they get noticed by more advanced ones and their negative effect would warrant intervention, they will be wiped out as any other parasite. In applying a similar attitude Western civilization had towards colonies and its inhabitants not long ago, certain actions could be allowed for developing kids, but once you get a hand on technology dangerous to others around you, you should grow up and be a responsible adult on all levels from individual to society.